Industry:  fintech, consumer finance

Project: a publication on employer branding presenting the company’s organisational culture


Our client, Vivus – one of the most dynamically developing fintech companies on the Polish market – needed a way to present their unique corporate culture in an interesting way to both present and future employees. The company definitely can be proud of several things: it has created a culture based on strong values that attract employees, regularly organises inspirational meetings and motivational workshops, promotes employee-led initiatives, and develops innovative programmes in the area of human resources management. For their efforts in this area, the company has received numerous awards in competitions for the best employer.

The objective of the task was therefore clear: showcase these activities and thus increase the awareness of culture within the organisation and attract talented specialists during job fairs.

Our project

The company’s employees are creative young people who are full of energy, which is why while working on the concept of the project, we were looking for the appropriate language and visuals. In addition to a short introduction to the publication in the form of a letter from the company CEO, we prepared a comic that presented the company’s history in an informal and captivating way. By presenting the company’s achievements, its structure and values, we focused on concise information and infographics, and we made the employees themselves the protagonists of the story inside the brochure, sharing their experiences from working at Vivus and showing the opportunities offered by the company. We combined non-standard content solutions with a bold style, based on the colours purple and green, and the entire publication is interspersed with portraits, quotes from employees, drawings and group photos from trade and corporate events.


Having reviewed our proposal, the client admitted that we were able to perfectly reflect the spirit of the organisation, the atmosphere of the team, and the values that are fundamental to the brand as well as show the achievements and passion of our employees.

The brochure is always taken by the company to job fairs and meetings with candidates. Its unusual layout, engaging stories, and honest testimonials evoke positive emotions of its readers and create a coherent image of an innovative company that cares about its employees and creates a fascinating space for work.

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