Industry: fintech, consumer finance

Project: Preparation of the speech by company CEO at a business conference and an article in “Harvard Business Review Polska”


Vivus is one of the fastest-growing fintechs on the Polish market and a company that has been rapidly building not only a strong, recognisable brand of an employer that cares about employee development, but also building its position as an expert and leader in the online loan market. In the face of increasing competition in the industry, Vivus was looking for new sources of competitive advantage in an increasingly difficult market. The company focused on a unique, distinctive organisational culture, attracting to the company young people with passion and supporting their development, thus boosting commitment and increasing loyalty. These activities resulted in enormous success, which is why our client decided to present to a wider audience the activities that allowed to build such a strong, unique culture and share their experiences in this field with other organisations and create within the industry the brand of a respected expert.

Our project

In response to this challenge, we prepared two projects that allowed us to present the company to a wide group of Polish high-level executives. For this purpose, we used two communication channels. The first was the speech by Ewa Wernerowicz, the company's CEO, at the business conference “Organizational Culture 4.0” organised by the publisher of “Harvard Business Review Polska” as part of the Elite Leadership Program 2018 series. A special guest participated in the event: professor Heike Bruch, an expert on leadership known worldwide. The CEO of Vivus spoke at this event, among other things, about the organisational philosophy and values that had helped shape a unique, hard-to-copy culture that supports rapid growth in a highly competitive market.

The second project involved the preparation of an article by Ewa Wernerowicz that was published in the July-August 2018 issue of “Harvard Business Review Polska” dedicated in full to leadership. In this extensive publication, we helped to present Vivus’s path from a small loan company employing 6 people to a thriving fintech organisation, an industry leader that can boast of great results, unique organisational culture and loyal customers. Publication in this most renowned business title in Poland ensured reaching thousands of Polish entrepreneurs and CEOs from medium and large companies regularly reading “Harvard”. As many as 8 thousand copies were distributed whereas the AVE amounted to PLN 441,600 net.


Thanks to the combination of two channels: publications in a reputable magazine and speeches to senior management, we made it possible for Vivus to present the company to a wide group of representatives of large business in Poland. The client strengthened its expert position both within and outside the industry, presented its fundamental values, presented how the company operates and recruits the best specialists from the market and retains them in the organisation.

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