Industry:  fintech, consumer finance

Project: Report for Vivus Finance on financial competences – and more – of the Y generation “Millennials. Life attitudes and finances”


Vivus, a fintech operating on the online loan market, wanted to know its customers and employees better – especially the so-called millennials – and to learn about their financial decisions. The company commissioned a study for this purpose, conducted by the renowned research boutique Maison & Partners. Among other things, the research included: what knowledge about money do millennials have, what they spend their earnings on, and how they use modern budget management tools. The results turned out to be so extensive and interesting that Vivus chose to publish them. However, tedious Excel charts on their own and boring statistical analyses alone were anything but attractive, and the amount of data to take in made it difficult to comprehend. Therefore, in order to present the results in an accessible way, the company needed to give the collected data the form of an attractive report.

Our Project

Business Edge was the company of our choice to proceed with this ambitious task. This is how the following document came to life: Report for Vivus Finance on financial competences – and more – of the Y generation “Millennials. Life attitudes and finances”. To highlight the most important information and make the report legible for anyone interested and visually attractive, we utilised a magazine-style layout and divided the data into subjects. Then, we wrote thematic articles using a light, non-scientific language – as a journalist would. We selected large, eye-catching photos to open individual chapters, wrote expressive titles and engaging leads, added quotes, and highlighted certain numbers. All this to get the attention of the reader. The analytical message was strengthened by comments by Vivus partners and market experts. The study also collected quotes from young academics and students – we used them in the report, creating five fictional characters and giving them the floor. Each of them represented one of the five groups identified in the study. The five heroes were given names, short biographical notes and unique silhouettes, drawn especially for this publication. Such an idea required research, creativity, and reflection on what characterises a given representative of a specific group, how they think and behave – so that the reader could recognise the characteristic features at first glance, but not become attached to a specific photograph. The drawings provided for greater imagination, way beyond the photo due to it being so universal.

Since each piece of information requires a different approach, we used both pie charts and data presented on an axis, along with clear numerical data, citations, and bold text. Company colours, typography and recurring small graphic elements gave the report the necessary cohesion with the brand’s identity.

The preparation of the printed version was not the end of our plans. The next step was to create an interactive version to be published on the client’s website with the possibility of convenient online reading. Owing to this, the report had a better chance of reaching a wide group of people. Moreover, we wrote social media posts for our client to be used for promotional purposes. Each post contained a single piece of data encouraging the readers to check out the entire report.


Excerpts from the report were published in the media and presented at business conferences. Conclusions from the study appeared, among others, in the “Harvard Business Review Polska” magazine, reaching a wide target group of Polish business leaders subscribing to the title – as many as 8,000 copies of this issue were printed and AVE amounted to PLN 441,600 net. With the help of this report, the client drew the audience’s attention to the millennials’ choices in terms of finance, showcasing the greatest challenges and profiles of specific target groups.

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