First Data

Industry: finance

Project: FD Live


First Data Polska is Warsaw-based a company offering services on the payments market. Its offices take up three floors in one of Warsaw’s office buildings – this is where 400 people work. They work in various departments which, due to the specificity of their activities, often have limited contact with each other. As a result, many employees do not know each other directly and not all have the opportunity to talk to each other.

The company wanted to integrate its employees, because mutual relations facilitate cooperation and inspire new solutions. Such a culture is also conducive to business development and becomes the driving force behind innovation. Faced with this challenge, a need arose to create a visually and substantively attractive internal communication tool. The company was looking for a solution that would allow it to give voice to employees, through which they could talk about their passions, inform about business successes, important meetings and events.


The company turned with this challenge to Business Edge. As a result of this cooperation, the FD Live intranet portal was created. This is where news is published showing the achievements of First Data Polska employees and their passions. The materials have various forms (articles, reports or interviews) and are accompanied by a large number of photos or video materials. Employees gained an outlet where they share their work successes. They tell, among other things, about how breakthrough solutions were created, how they started cooperation with clients and what work in specific departments of the company is about. They also share their private passions: sports activities, travel reports, musical interests or photos of their dogs.

The company’s CEO also uses the FD Live platform. This is the place where the most important industry events are documented. Materials for FD Live are created cyclically, and notifications about new articles appear every two weeks in employees’ inboxes.


The FD Live platform plays an integrating, informative, and motivating role in the organisation, constituting an attractive place for virtual meetings of First Data Polska employees. It is a chance to present the contribution of each of them to the development of the company and to appreciate teammates. The presentations of individual passions build a community of people who are willing to unite around common initiatives, both inside and outside the company. Such activities effectively unite the team and foster more effective cooperation in everyday tasks. The portal, as an internal platform, is a place for less formal, virtual meetings, which allow the use of a friendly, lighter language of communication illustrated with a large number of interesting photos. Showing real interests of the team is conducive to building relationships and, as a result, creating an atmosphere of better cooperation in the company.

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