Industry: medicine

Project: educational and marketing materials as part of the Affinity Programme addressed to medical personnel


Affidea offers services in the scope of oncological diagnostics. This is a highly difficult field which requires from employees not only specialist knowledge, but also empathy towards cancer patients and understanding of their situation. In order to increase among medical personnel the awareness of the problems faced by patients, the management board of Affidea decided to launch the Affinity Programme. Its aim was to promote the company’s values – an empathetic approach to patients and providing them with the care and kindness they require. To implement the programme, the company needed educational materials for employees and marketing materials to be distributed in clinics.

Our project

In cooperation with the company, we prepared a publication showing the fundamental values of the Affidea brand: providing the best level of service for oncological patients, an empathetic approach to them, and sensitivity to the challenges they face.

The graphic design of the publication is based on a combination of the client’s characteristic visual identification with original illustrations. The illustrations show the patient on the day of the medical examination in Affidea. On this day, normal activities change their character and meaning. Breakfast with the family, viewing photos, the trip to the clinic, the interview with medical staff. We used illustrations instead of photos to give the recipient more space for their own interpretation. A photo is unambiguous, there is nothing to hide. In contrast, the illustrations seem slightly understated. We can supplement our perception with our own experiences, e.g. what is my morning like, what photos I would look at at such a moment.

The way the publication was printed was rather unusual. To emphasise its content, we chose uncoated (rough) paper and a square format. The paper feels more natural and authentic to the touch. Moreover, to enhance this impression, we chose paper in a warmer shade of white. The square format is more stable and calmer than rectangular vertical pages. It is closer to an album with family photos than to a catalogue. These two choices effectively distinguished the publication from typical marketing messages in which chalk paper and A4 format are used.

Building mindful attention among medical staff for the needs of cancer patients is an important part of working in the company. This demanding environment was an opportunity for us to develop marketing materials for the B2B2C client, i.e. for medical staff and patients. The project showed us how important understanding and empathy are, even when we design communication for business.


The materials perfectly matched the Affinity Programme. In a simple, visual way, they helped the client in effective communication with employees, made medical staff more empathetic to the needs of oncological patients, and presented the company’s values to both Affidea employees and patients.

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