Industry: medicine

Project: rebranding of the Euromedic brand as a result of brand name change to Affidea


At the time the cooperation with Business Edge began, Euromedic, a company offering oncological diagnostics services, faced the challenge of rebranding and changes to company name and visual identification. And that meant, among other things, the need to re-organise the company’s marketing materials and to publicise the changes to both doctors (B2B) and patients (B2C). Therefore, it was extremely important in this project to properly adjust communication to different target groups taking into account the specificity of the company’s operations.

Our project

It was our task to efficiently design and develop new marketing materials with attention to the quality of the language used. As blue became the brand’s new colour as a result of the rebranding process, we also proposed graphic design for publications and posters for individual campaigns consistent with the new image and communication. We also carried out printing and distribution of new materials in Affidea centres all over Poland.

We developed educational materials addressed to doctors cooperating with the company, whose task was to build brand awareness among this group of recipients. The specificity this very industry and the wide scope of reaching out (doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical conferences) meant that traditional printed materials were an essential part of the rebranding project.

We also prepared materials for the brand’s customers – cancer patients. These are usually elderly people, so we carefully adapted our marketing materials to their needs. We used, among others, larger fonts, and all information is presented in a clear and transparent manner.


Our activities resulted in an efficient development design of over 60 different materials for the brand. The activities were carefully planned and lasted nearly 9 months. Our projects included both extensive medical publications (the longest were over 100 pages and contained complex medical photos) and individual posters for specific activities. Thanks to the project, it was possible to increase the awareness of the changed brand among both groups of recipients.

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