Strategic marketing B2B

Before you assign any budget to strategic B2B marketing, evaluate its potential for your company. Take advantage of a free consultation to discuss the challenges you face and review business cases of B2B companies employing this solution.

Strategiczny marketing B2B

Digital transformation changes the mechanisms behind the functioning of B2B businesses. Rapidly accelerated by unforeseen events, it opens up new opportunities for B2B marketing. However, to take full advantage of such opportunities, it is necessary to take marketing to a strategic level within the organisation. Why is it worth doing?

Because B2B marketing has never before had as much impact on business as it has today. New and cheaper communication channels, independence from paid media, the ability to analyse and account for budget efficiency, involvement of the sales department in social selling, building personal brands of key people in an organisation and using them for business development, co-creating innovation – the list of benefits is impressive. Thanks to lean operation, typical for startups, you can operate efficiently on a budget, test activities and build prototypes of actions that can be scaled following positive results. Are you wondering whether this approach would work in your organisation?

Check if you face the following challenges in your company:
  • Our company must make a strategic change towards large customers: from a supplier of goods (price and delivery are what matter), we must become a strategic partner (our knowledge counts).
  • We want to launch the organisation into a new era and strengthen its position by generating better business results.
  • The competition is highly visible on the Internet and LinkedIn. Initially, we took it with a pinch of salt. However, it has turned out that customers responded better to such activities than to our trade fair events and marketing materials. How can we make up for lost time?
  • We notice that the way customers shop is changing significantly in our industry. The younger generation of buyers is calling the shots and is eager to use the Internet and no longer requires meeting a salesperson to make decisions and close transactions.
  • We are entering new markets that are out of our sales expertise in terms of culture, language or geography. How can we reach them through marketing?
  • We have never had a professional marketing department. We are now planning to establish one. We want to avoid costly mistakes when implementing an efficient digital marketing strategy.

If you identify with the above challenges, you'll find an experienced partner in Business Edge that you can entrust with the implementation of strategic B2B marketing with full confidence. We have practical experience of operating within demanding market sectors: industry, professional services, and innovative technologies. Our portfolio boasts projects that have translated into measurable business results thanks to the development and implementation of innovations and marketing transformation. We will show you the tools and establish action plans tailored to face your challenges. We never guess – we employ an analytical approach and demand evidence, measurables and KPIs.

Enter a new dimension of B2B marketing with Business Edge. Don't delay your decision. Contact our experts today and discuss solutions tailored to your needs.
What do you gain by letting us help you in terms of strategic B2B marketing:
  • Support for the digital transformation of your business.
  • Order is brought to your B2B marketing in the form of a well-thought strategy tailored to the needs of your business.
  • Use of methods of operation developed by us over years and proven in practice. You will save time and money as well as avoid traps in the design of strategic B2B marketing.
  • Strengthening the role and position of your marketing executives as a result of activities that have a tangible impact on business development.
  • A bridge between marketing and sales resulting from social selling campaigns and building personal brands.
  • A start-up mindset is implemented to create smart marketing campaigns, test and scale them while avoiding unnecessary budget risks.
  • A hybrid B2B marketing model combining offline and online activities.
  • A clear and practical marketing strategy that will be understood throughout the entire organisation and management, and whose implementation will be fully feasible.
  • The ability to create a specific budget and schedule of activities with set priorities and goals.
  • Building an ecosystem of partners, advisors, and suppliers to help achieve marketing results.
  • Engaging marketing activities to co-create innovation along with new products and services.
What makes us stand out:

Unique experience.
We work within demanding B2B sectors: industry, professional services, innovative technologies and services, and finance.

Sales and business always come first.
We focus on understanding business and sales channels, not only on creativity (pretty pictures and well-chosen colours are not always enough!)

Expert methods of proven effectiveness.
We have mechanisms developed in practice, the use of which reduces costs and accelerates the implementation of effective marketing strategies.

Activities based on solid foundations.
We are able to talk with sales people and the clients of our clients. This gives us a valuable foundation on which to build marketing solutions.

Specific solutions and measurable results.
We are able to work in the long-term, constantly adapting to changing market challenges, and delivering results.