Social Selling B2B

Before you spend any of your budget on social selling, evaluate the potential of the program to your company. Take advantage of a free consultation regarding the challenges your organisation faces together with an opportunity to discuss business case studies of B2B companies implementing social selling programs.

Social selling B2B

The purchasing process in B2B has changed. Customers actively look for solutions and business partners. It is more resistant to cold calling and traditional sales approaches. On the other hand, new opportunities for sales have been provided thanks to LinekdIn. Adapting to a new purchasing model and making use of professional social media requires the creation of new competences in the sales department.

The answer to this challenge is social selling B2B, the process of creating sales relationships with the help of social media, LinkedIn in particular. Sales, discussions with potential customers, creating personal brands, building organic reach – all this is happening today on LinkedIn. Wondering whether this solution will help your organisation in terms of sales?

Do you complain about these problems too?
  • There is a group of customers that we cannot reach via email or telephone.
  • Purchasing processes take place largely without the participation of our company’s sales representatives. We are invited to join the talks at the end of such processes.
  • Often, several people are involved in the purchasing process, and we’re not familiar with some of the decision makers.
  • t is difficult to reach management and decision makers with a specialised product.
  • Competition in recent years is increasingly developing its activities on LinkedIn.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to at least two of the above questions, you should consider implementing B2B social selling activities, especially LinkedIn, to achieve better sales and marketing results.

If you want to find out more about how your company can benefit from this tactic, arrange a free consultation.
What you get by working with us in the field of B2B social selling:
  • Increased sales reach and profitability thanks to digital transformation of sales in your organisation
  • Solutions to sell in a new business reality, even when face-to-face meetings are impossible
  • A new sales method adapted to the expectations of current B2B customers. You will forget about tiresome and inefficient cold calling and will receive a precise tool for long-term and effective large-scale activities
  • Strengthening of expert personal brands of key people in your business
  • Professional image of the organisation in business social media
  • Increasing the range, scale, and reach of operations of sales departments
  • Professional development of valuable content that is relevant to customers and encourages them to advance within the shopping funnel to the next stage
What makes us stand out:

We work with clients on a daily basis to apply social selling in practice. This is our distinguishing feature in relation to organisations dealing only with strategy or mere social selling training. Our experience shows that it’s easy to teach how to use LinkedIn in order to create smart strategies. A much greater challenge is consistency in action. Social Selling is a long-term activity.

We create content.
Quality and well-considered copywriting are essential fuel for social selling activities. We have a professional business editorial team as well as a graphic and video studio. Thanks to these resources, we provide professional quality articles, posts, videos and animations. We can also edit, correct or edit video materials prepared by participants of the social selling program.

Individual work with each sales representative.
Those involved in social selling activities differ from each other, even if they work in the same organisation. They each have their individual strengths and challenges, and often are at different stages of developing new sales competences. This is why we work with everyone individually. This approach maximises the benefits achieved by the sales team to a greater extent than group activities.

We do not use bots
to expand the contact network or initiate sales talks. We focus on building real interpersonal relationships that open the doors to larger businesses.