Employer branding

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Employer branding

Each organisation has its own brand. Even though it may not be aware of it, its reputation is well known throughout the industry, is discussed between employees, and appears on the Internet. Its image and reputation as a business partner and employer, known as employer branding, depends on these assessments and opinions. Authentic employer branding translates into: strengthening ties within a team, improving employee retention, and reducing recruitment costs. In a broader perspective, such an initiative strengthens the organisation’s market position and creates an organisational culture conducive to building team spirit. And you? Do you pay enough attention to your organisation’s employer branding?

Check if your organisation faces the following challenges:
  • As a company, we know what is most important to us, we have company values, but employees do not identify with them.
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain employees.
  • We work in different locations, so employees don’t know each other and don’t know about mutual, or each other’s, successes.
  • We have interesting projects and a great team, but we don’t know how to tell the world about it.
  • We do not stand out among other potential employers at job fairs.
If you have identified any of these problems at your company, you probably need support for employer branding projects. Arrange a free consultation with Business Edge and discuss inspiring solutions. We will help you tell the story of your brand in an original way and present the values that constitute the foundations of your company’s organisational culture.
What do you gain by working with us in the field of employer branding:
  • Strengthening your brand as an employer in addition to the expert personal brands of people in key positions within your organisation.
  • Strengthening your attractive and engaging internal communication.
  • Increased knowledge about company culture.
  • Building the company’s reputation and good name in the area of candidate experience.
  • Creating a professional company image in the media.
  • Reduction of staff turnover due to increased employee retention.
What makes us stand out:

Customer first. 
We listen, identify, and define the challenges facing an organisation. We understand a company’s perspective in relation to market conditions, and also that of the people behind it.

Comprehensive support. 
We support employer branding activities comprehensively: from strategy to project implementation. Understanding and combining several perspectives allows for a better presentation of an organisation and its values. This is why we work with various departments: HR, communication departments and all levels of management.

Multidimensional activities focused on RESULTS. 
We combine employer branding with employee advocacy, marketing, social selling and CSR activities.

Tailor-made solutions.
We develop a personalised solution for each client, taking into account the level of advancement of current employer branding activities. We support organisations which have yet to define their brand as an employer, as well as those already engaged in such activities.

Team of expert professionals. 
We have a highly experienced team combining skills in marketing, editorial, and graphic studio disciplines.

Versatility and innovation.
Our solutions combine online and offline activities. In order to increase the reach and effectiveness of our work, we use all contemporary content formats: text, photos, video materials and animations.