Creative B2B services

Before you allocate any budget to creation, familiarise yourself with our approach. Take advantage of a free consultation to discuss the challenges you face and an opportunity to discuss business cases of B2B companies implementing creative services.

Usługi kreatywne

In these times of high consumption of content, ever-increasing information noise and a return to a pictorial culture, the slogan “stand out or die” is becoming as relevant as never before. If you operate in the B2B industry and want to not only to defend your current position, but also successfully develop further, you have no choice: it’s high time to stand out from the crowd! However, creativity and attractiveness on their own are not enough. These elements must also be accompanied by an appropriate communication strategy and professional solutions that will increase customer engagement, thus translating into increased sales.

Check whether any of these challenges sound familiar:
  • We are committed to projects that use current trends in communication in order to increase their effectiveness.
  • We want the company to stand out visually from the competition.
  • We want to create effective, convincing sales presentations.
  • We have a need for original, demanding projects.
  • We need illustrations for individual orders, a brand hero and other materials consistent with the visual identification of the brand.
  • We want to encourage customers to check out product by means of a professional visual setting.
If you face any of the challenges above, please contact us. Business Edge will help you deal with these issues. We have our own graphics studio with lighting, camera and sound equipment and field video capabilities enabling us to produce even the most sophisticated content formats such as video and animations, on our own – in-house.
What services can we offer:
  • Video productions from concept to creation: corporate videos presenting the company, its technologies, the team and vision.
  • Video coverage: management announcements, expert presentations, recordings of conferences and workshops.
  • Running corporate video channels on YouTube: concept, scriptwriting, shooting plans, execution, publication, positioning (SEO) of video materials.
  • Graphic design of online publications: e-books, white papers, reports and magazines.
  • Graphic designs of offline publications: magazines, posters, product cards and catalogues.
  • Brand hero projects for B2B communication.
  • Graphic design for presentations: sales, marketing, results summaries, sales pitches (various formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Google).
  • Branding projects for companies and events (business conferences, workshops).
  • Opening films for conferences.
  • Visual identification of companies and their products.
  • Professional photo sessions of the management and employees.
  • Infographics for use in reports and social media.
  • Animations.
  • Explainer videos – video materials, the purpose of which is to explain the operation of a product or service, and to present the idea in an understandable and convincing way.
What makes us stand out:

Our portfolio comprises over 2,400 completed creative projects. We can boast of design experience in presenting business ideas for the business magazine ”Harvard Business Review Polska” (around 100 issues of the magazine were published under the artistic supervision of Dariusz Borowski, Partner at Business Edge).

We use contemporary communication trends for our projects.
We employ modern cutting-edge solutions to create and design for online and offline channels ranging from printed materials through e-books to animations, videos, graphic interfaces and augmented reality (AR).

Building communication on 3 pillars: authenticity, multi-channel and commitment.
These are worthy design guidelines if you want to avoid a generic “stock” look in marketing communication, typical of turn-of-the-century corporate projects. Real people combined with well-told stories encourage the audience to engage, regardless of the communication channel.