Content marketing B2B

Before you spend any of your budget on content marketing, evaluate what such an activity might bring to your company. Take advantage of a free consultation regarding the challenges your organisation faces together with an opportunity to discuss business case studies of B2B companies making use of content marketing.

Content marketing B2B

How can you boost online sales, build relationships with customers, and inspire trust in brands? The answer is simple: content marketing. On the Internet, valuable quality content translates into greater visibility and communication. If you don't have it, you don’t exist – just like your sales through this channel. This is why B2B companies wanting to reach their customers and, simply, to sell have to engage their customers, educate them and develop loyalty by presenting memorable content such as posts, e-books, videos, podcasts and articles. Are you wondering whether this solution would work for your company? And if you are already engaged in content marketing, is it adequately and sufficiently employed to generate the effects you are looking for?

Check if you recognise these challenges in your company:
  • We have quality products that far too few customers know about – we would like to increase education within the market about our products
  • We receive many queries about our solutions and products after which there is no further contact – we would like to get customers interested in our solutions and close sales more often
  • We have experts in the company who would gladly share knowledge about our solutions with customers – but we have no tools or know-how that would allow us to achieve this effectively
  • We have the impression that we lose out on trade due to competing solutions on the Internet – we would like to stand out

If you identify with at least one of these problems, it suggests that you should test our content marketing solutions in your company. At Business Edge, we deal with the entire content creation process, from creation through optimisation to distribution. We create content from scratch, which encourages customers to  make use of products and services offered on landing pages and engages them in social media, helps generate valuable leads and educates potential customers about your products. The result builds trust in the brand and a subsequent increase in sales. We look for an individual brand tone of voice for each brand that will allow the product or service to really stand out in the demanding and competitive B2B market.

Learn more about the benefits for you and your business. Make an appointment with one of our experts who will assess your existing situation and recommend appropriate solutions.
What do you gain by working with us in the field of B2B content marketing:
  • New customers and stronger relationships with existing buyers – greater loyalty, trust and awareness of the solutions offered by your company
  • Increased brand recognition and online visibility
  • The ability to build strong and credible personal branding for board members and company experts
  • Engaging, valuable, proprietary content across various media, distributed to the appropriate target group and optimized for browser algorithms
  • The opportunity to regularly educate customers about products, services, innovations, how they work and the benefits your products may have that are not immediately apparent
What makes us stand out:

We implement all forms of content. Independently.
We execute all content marketing-related activities ourselves, using the expertise and skills of our experienced in-house team. We have business editorial staff comprising experienced journalists, our own graphic studio and field video team

We are able to draw on knowledge of experts from demanding industries.
Thanks to this, we can create content about medical services, new technologies, and industrial solutions. .

We create content that provides value to audiences.
It's easy to create a good-looking movie, it's hard to make a movie that will affect someone's decision. We focus on the second challenge which increases the reach of content marketing activities and subsequent favourable business effects.