Creation and management of First Data Polska company profile on LinkedIn

Creation and management of First Data Polska company profile on LinkedIn

First Data Polska is one of the largest providers of paytech for banks, commerce and the service sector. As part of our activities in the field of preparing the company’s PR strategy and its implementation, we started a pilot programme consisting in managing the First Data Polska profile on LinkedIn. What effects have we managed to achieve? Find out from the case study below.

Hidden potential

The cooperation of Business Edge with First Data Polska covers several areas. The preparation and implementation of the company’s PR strategy in key communication channels are essential tasks. Due to the fact that we know both the client and the industry in which it operates, we are able to efficiently and accurately propose topics and content appropriate for both individual communication channels and brand image goals.

We selected the company’s profile on LinkedIn as one of the brand’s key communication channels with the industry, customers, and employees. Before starting our activities, First Data Polska already had a profile on this platform, but was not convinced that it was worth the effort. We decided to breathe new life into it. We believe that LinkedIn’s potential nowadays is not only in content, popular social selling or taking care of your personal image. It is also an interesting tool to promote corporate activities.

LinkedIn is a perfect fit for the organisation’s communication activities, boosting effectiveness in the area of consistency of messages and reflecting the authenticity and culture that are its foundations. For potential job candidates, the brand’s profile is a source of knowledge about what the company does and why it is worth being interested in it. They find a lot of useful information there: from news about the organisation’s activities to information about the most interesting projects. The authenticity and directness of this channel allow for a real experience of the company and presentation of the people behind its successes.

First steps

Initially, we undertook to manage the company’s profile on LinkedIn as part of a pilot programme. We began to documenting here all key facts and events from the life of the company and its industry. This way we publicised successes, discussed innovative implementations of new solutions, and created an expert brand image.

Three months later, the client appreciated the potential of social media and decided to commence an ongoing cooperation in the scope of running this social media channel.

On LinkedIn, we present, among other things, the employees’ achievements and initiatives that accompany the daily life of the company. We prepare not only posts and publication announcements, but also graphics in the form of photos, videos or animations.

Since the company is very active in its business segments, the variety of projects implemented gives the opportunity to document its activities and celebrate successes in social media. As a result, new solutions and projects implemented by the First Data Polska team have a chance to be presented to a wider audience very quickly. Events that were reported by us in real-time on LinkedIn include: the handover of the first terminal as part of the Polska Bezgotówkowa (Cashless Poland) programme, the launch of the Nowy Bilet (New Ticket) project for Wrocław’s public transport, and the report from the “Laboratory of the Future: conference organised by the client.

A network that lives

Thanks to the exceptional involvement of First Data employees in various initiatives and charity campaigns, reports from these events also appear on the profile. Participation in sports initiatives, charity as part of the Santa Claus programme or cooperation with Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) – none go unnoticed.

The profile has become a platform showcasing the company’s life on an ongoing basis to every key recipient of the company: customers, business partners, employees and all those interested in the world of payments and who feel First Data’s energy.

All these activities build an expert, professional image of the company and indicate the high quality of its services. As in other areas of cooperation with the brand, our services are comprehensive, from creation of relevant content, consulting it with company experts, publishing it and interacting with the network of contacts, to expanding it with new partners and followers.

Measurable results

Thanks to our purely organic work, the number of followers of First Data Polska on LinkedIn platform increased almost threefold (to 871 people) in the first year. In the first year of operation, we published over 120 posts on the company’s profile (on average one post every three days) and helped prepare over 80 posts for three experts. Currently, the profile is followed by more than 1,500 people. Aproximately 15% of followers are company employees who are increasingly willing to interact and comment on posts. As many as 85% of followers are the ideal target group of First Data Polska: people from the payment (45%), banking (10%) and new technologies (11%) industries. The network of followers is growing all the time.

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