Cooperation with First Data Polska – from PR activities to complex business support

Cooperation with First Data Polska – from PR activities to complex business support

Until recently, presenting the positive features of a product or service on a properly prepared leaflet was enough to convince a B2B customer to engage in a purchasing process. Today, when you can find information about the offer of different companies on the Internet and immediately compare them, that approach is not enough to achieve success in sales any longer. Therefore, B2B customers are looking for something new and yet undefined that will help them stay ahead of their competitors. We implemented such a strategy called “entrepreneurial sales” in cooperation with First Data Polska, the owner of the Polcard brand. What were its results? You will find out from the case study below!

Start with a provocation and fully understand the client’s needs

We first met the team at First Data Polska, one of the largest providers of paytech for the banking, retail and service sectors, when they were looking for a new PR agency. The tender they announced met with considerable interest, so we decided to stand out by acting in a rather non-standard way, quite provocative even. Our offer began with us saying that we are not a PR agency and this is our greatest advantage. And then we showed, using real-life market examples, that content marketing is one of the best ways to reach customers, i.e. creating valuable, engaging content that caters to the needs of recipients. It is not only a more effective way to attract new customers, but also a cost-effective tool that allows you to quickly optimise your marketing and sales activities.

Our arguments convinced First Data. We started with selecting key media in terms of the industry in which the client operates. Then we focused on familiarising ourselves closely with the company, its operations, values and experts. As we were executing our first marketing projects together, we tried to collect as much data as possible about the client and what motivates the people working there, doing our best to go beyond the set marketing and PR goals. We paid special attention to sales and how our activities helped build the position and image of First Data and attract customers.

Owing to the fact that we got to know the client, as well as the industry and market really well, over time we began to support the company in numerous areas of its activity. This method of operation on our part also translated into lower transaction costs of implemented projects and significant time savings. Our services go far beyond the area of marketing and penetrate many departments, providing our client with measurable and substantive assistance in business development.

More than just marketing

The first area we focused our activities on were services in the scope of PR strategy preparation and its implementation. Knowing the client and the specificity of the industry, we could precisely identify key topics for individual business lines. We publicised successes, discussed innovative implementations, but also enhanced the client’s image as an industry expert. For this purpose, we prepared various types of content: communiqués, press releases, related articles, social media posts – all forms of advertising and image building that are most effective nowadays. Our perspective is not that of our client, but of First Data clients and therefore we emphasise the advantages they can benefit from as a result of cooperating with First Data. It also allows us to offer creative services. Here, we focus on storytelling, showing each topic in an attractive, elegant and authentic way.

Another area of our activity, closely correlating with PR and creativity, is marketing. In a digital world, marketing activities are increasingly intertwined with sales which is why we are strongly involved in the co-creation of sales publications and communication. The materials we create include not only brochures and leaflets, but above all thematic studies. An example of this is the report titled “Antytrendbook”. We were involved in its preparation both in terms of substance and graphics.

In line with our philosophy of undertaking comprehensive activities, we also offer support in events organisation and management. We are involved in visual setting creation, speakers preparations, co-creation of presentations and helping manage discussions on relevant topics. One of those is the Laboratory of the Future – 4 years later, it has become a key trade event in the industry. Nowadays, more than 100 top-level managers representing the banking and broadly understood fintech sectors attend the conference and share their knowledge and talk about the future of the industry. Both the event and the report published there allow First Data to get in touch with new customers, but also change the perception of the brand – First Data has transformed from a provider of technical solutions into an advisor to its business partners and the banking industry as a whole.

Integrate employees, support clients

Employer branding is another scope of our competences and an important area of support. First Data employs over 400 people in Poland who work in various teams and until recently knew each other only within their departments. That is why the FD Live project came to life: to integrate people and enhance internal communication. We co-created this online platform and manage the content published there. This is where materials not only about the company, but also about individual employees, their passions and achievements are published. Communication is carried out in an unofficial, informal manner, the content includes, among other things, photos and videos illustrating the daily grind of individual teams. When reporting on company events or holidays, we focus on showing the human perspective and emphasise the contributions of individual teammates to the company’s success. This strengthens the ties between employees and builds the image of an attractive employer.

We also take an active part in research and development projects and in co-creation of innovation that allow us to improve the client’s sales process, distinguish the company from the competition, and generate measurable savings. Together, we found a way to make it easier for customers to install and use POS terminals. We analysed the materials, procedures, processes and technology, and decided to create completely new guides and manuals, both in terms of graphics and the information presented, in order to enable users not only to operate them without difficulty, but also to install them on their own.

We “translated” the whole thing into an understandable language, using the design thinking approach. We got rid of unnecessary information. As a result, video instructions were created that can be viewed on the screen of a smartphone or a computer. For its paper version, we chose the form of a binder, the layout of which allows you to personalise the content for a specific industry or terminal. This approach, supported by design thinking, allowed First Data to improve the process of acquiring new clients and boost the level of services rendered, and for end customers it facilitates the use of terminals. This way, we inaugurated a great sales and organisational project that covered many departments and involved many people at First Data Polska.


In-depth knowledge of the client and its industry not only has allowed us to offer services that respond to the client’s needs, but most of all, it enables us to co-create the client’s business and search for new directions of communication. The individual elements of our comprehensive offer can be freely mixed and matched, creating solutions that go far beyond traditional marketing and PR, thus becoming a real helping hand in business development.