Operating in a demanding B2B business and looking for a marketing agency that will help you acquire new customers, maintain relationships with existing ones, build the position of an industry expert and, above all else, increase sales through effective marketing activities?


Effective action in the area of marketing, especially in a new business reality, requires an innovative and unconventional approach based on a simple vision: the goal of B2B marketing should be primarily sales, sales again and once more sales! This approach is at the heart of our commercial practice. At Business Edge, we offer an arsenal of tools that will help you win every time on the marketing battlefield and ensure your well-deserved sales success: higher profits, higher customer loyalty, better image and recognition as well as surprising sales results. With the help of the latest B2B marketing tools, we help create winning businesses, successfully conducting marketing activities and sales through digital transformation.

What makes us standout:
  • We focus on business.  
    Understanding the customer's sales and marketing challenges through in-depth interviews is our hallmark.
  • We are SHARP – both in our thinking and action.
    We communicate with the client without arrogance, clichés or marketing gibberish. We operate in substantive marketing which translates into measurable business results: sales, reduction of costs, acquisition of new customers.
  • We are engaged in the digital transformation of marketing.
    We believe that one of the most important elements of marketing activities is to include them in the process of accelerating digital transformation of the client. We help ensure effective transformation of digital marketing and sales.
  • We operate a wide range of TOOLS supporting B2B marketing. 
    With the help of modern B2B marketing solutions and tools, we support organisations in the most important areas of building and maintaining B2B customer relationships.
  • We have executed THOUSANDS of projects for companies from a wide range industries. 
    Our portfolio contains over 2,300 completed projects. We work for demanding industries, including heavy industry, ultra-modern technology and start-up companies.
  • We specialise in B2B. 
    We are one of the few agencies in Poland that is fully specialised and focused on serving B2B and B2B2C businesses. We perfectly understand the processes that accompany the sales their customers engage in.
What you gain by working with us
  • Support of a highly experienced and specialised B2B marketing agency offering a full range of services and solutions necessary to win in today's markets.
  • Specific business results, such as: increased sales, reduced costs, successful digital transformation, building the position of an industry expert, new customers’ acquisition and maintaining existing commercial relationships.
  • Practical approach to your challenges with emphasis on understanding customers’ businesses and intensive marketing and sales activities.
Who we are

For many years, we have supported companies and their leaders in acquiring new customers, maintaining existing relationships in addition to establishing and building upon the reputation of being an expert within their respective industries. Cooperation with us guarantees you a specific approach to your business challenges in the area of B2B, effective tailor-made solutions and measurable results. To date, we have worked most frequently with B2B companies from such industries as banking and finance, consulting, pharmaceuticals, new technologies, heavy industry and startup companies.

We want to get to know you! Get in touch with us to discuss the challenges you face in the field of B2B marketing and sales.